A Stunning Setting

Welcome to The Pavilion at Weatherly, where dreams come true along the historic Potomac River, just 39 miles south of the bustling energy of Washington DC. We’re Denise and Jim, the proud owners, pouring our hearts into creating a venue that embodies elegance, originality, and a touch of country charm.

Contemporary Timber Frame Elegance

Step into our 7800-square-foot contemporary timber frame Pavilion. It’s not a barn, it’s not just a venue – it’s a masterpiece. Crafted by a timber frame master craftsman from North Carolina, each Douglas Fir post and beam, meticulously cut and joined with mortise and tenon oak pegs, tell a story of craftsmanship and dedication.

Nautical Sophistication

The Pavilion exudes upscale contemporary vibes with a touch of country and a nautical theme. Polished concrete floors, exposed HVAC elements, and ship portal windows in all interior doors add character. The 100-foot glass wall facing the river brings stunning views and year-round sunsets, connecting the indoors with a beautiful lawn and sandy beach area.

Amenities That Amaze

Our Pavilion boasts a towering 40’ masonry fireplace, a focal point for memorable moments and Instagram-worthy photos. Elegantly appointed restroom facilities and vendor-friendly corridors ensure seamless events. We’ve thoughtfully designed the service areas, from a well-equipped bar area to a caterers’ kitchen with a dedicated loading dock.

Luxurious Suites

For the couple and bridal party, we offer two wedding-ready room suites within the Manor House. The Carolina Suite and the Potomac Suite provide comfort, stunning views, and all the amenities needed to prepare for the big day.

Attention to Detail

We obsess over the details – LED lighting, touch-control LED mirrors, granite counters, stone accent walls, and ample natural light. Our infrastructure ensures comfort and safety, with increased cooling capacity and extra egress points exceeding fire protection code requirements.

Stewards of the Environment

Being in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, we follow strict environmental guidelines. Our nitrogen-reducing septic system, designed with 12 tanks and the best available technology, reflects our commitment to protecting wetlands and groundwater resources.

Constant Evolution

We’re not content with just opening our doors. As entrepreneurs, we’re always raising the bar. LED lighting, touch-control mirrors, and infrastructure improvements are just the beginning. Plans for on-site accommodations, a center courtyard, a loft, and a party patio with a Titanic-themed bow are in the works.

Family and Community

Our journey isn’t just about a venue; it’s about family and community. We’ve spent our lives in the service industry, from catering to running a Strawberry Farm. Our family has been with us every step, from folding boxes to managing construction projects.

A Labor of Love

The Pavilion’s enclosure was a labor of love, completed just in time for our son’s wedding. Facing delays and working around the clock, we made it happen. We take pride in the dedication and hard work that goes into every detail, ensuring that The Pavilion at Weatherly is not just a venue but an experience that surpasses expectations. – Denise & Jim