The Potomac River Waterfront

At The Pavilion at Weatherly, embrace a celebration framed by the serene beauty of the Potomac River. With 600 feet of waterfront access, our venue offers a captivating backdrop for your ceremony, providing an expansive canvas for cherished photo opportunities and a front-row seat to a mesmerizing sunset. The riverfront views at The Pavilion at Weatherly create an enchanting setting, where the natural elegance of the Potomac River seamlessly intertwines with the joyous celebration of your love.

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The Pavilion

  • Adjacent to the Manor House, overlooking the Potomac River
  • Timber frame, 7800 sq ft
  • 6000 sq ft main party area for 250 guests
  • Authentic handcrafted Douglas Fir posts and beams
  • Upscale, contemporary, country feel with a nautical theme
  • Glass wall facing the Potomac River
  • 12 glass doors to lawn and beach area
  • 40’ masonry fireplace with gas fire
  • Elegantly appointed restrooms, inner corridor for vendor access
  • Large bar area with three service stations, accommodating 250 guests
  • Full-service bar with granite, copper, and antique mirror finishes
  • Caterers’ kitchen with freezer, refrigerator, ice machine, stainless steel tables
  • Dedicated loading dock area for catering support
the fireplace at the pavilion at weatherly

The Manor House

The Manor House stands as a colonial-style beauty, offering two distinct getting-ready areas known as the Carolina Suite and the Potomac Suite. The Carolina Suite, featuring 16-foot vaulted ceilings, six makeup stations, three changing areas, a bathroom, shower, and a built-in beverage/coffee bar, provides a luxurious space for preparation. With granite counters and wood plank flooring, this suite exudes sophistication, while sliding glass doors lead to an outdoor veranda with sweeping views of the river.

In contrast, the Potomac Suite is a haven of relaxation and pre-celebration festivities. Equipped with makeup areas, large screen TVs, and games, this suite ensures a delightful retreat. It includes a restroom, shower, fireplace, refrigerator, and bar area to cater to every need. Two sets of French doors open to an oversized second-story porch, offering a picturesque setting with cornhole and breathtaking views of the river. The Manor House at The Pavilion at Weatherly is designed to make your wedding day preparations both elegant and comfortable.



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The Pond & Shade Trees

Nestled within our venue’s scenic surroundings, the tranquil pond and shaded trees offer a serene escape for wedding festivities. You can bask in the natural beauty as sunlight filters through the leaves, creating a peaceful ambiance that sets the stage for memorable moments and romantic photo ops. This expansive outdoor space also provides an ideal setting for lawn games, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy the festivities in the shade of the trees or by the tranquil waters. Whether you’re exchanging vows riverside or mingling with loved ones under the canopy of trees, our venue’s outdoor amenities promise both comfort and charm for your special day.

the pavilion at weatherly